Snow study days

As my hands touch the soft crystallised flakes i feel a sense of calm. The bitter wind of heaven settles as i reach for my camera and capture a seldom memory. I can hear the birds singing and scurrying to find shelter; i can feel the gusts of delight blowing my hair, whistling in my … Continue reading Snow study days


What I have learned from 2017

A year has passed. The world has thrown me into challenging situations that I have overcome, making me a stronger person. 2017 was probably the most exacting year of my life. I have found out more about myself and opened up to others about my true self: something that I was so petrified to tell in fear … Continue reading What I have learned from 2017

Health or education?

I'm waking up, lifeless: my thoughts are drained from my mind from over thinking. Or have my thoughts cancelled my feelings? Both maybe. Its five thirty in the morning, I have to wake up in thirty minutes, get ready, pack my schoolbag, make lunch.. oh there we go again. Im freaking out over the smallest … Continue reading Health or education?


An experience of Anxiety

Today's post is going to be a collaboration with, the lovely, Everythinglauren25! On my blog I am going to share an experience of anxiety and on Lauren's blog, she is going to give you a few tips to help anxiety. I hope you enjoy my first collab! Three years. That's how long I have been struggling … Continue reading An experience of Anxiety


July is gone!

Hey, It's officially August and I have finally found some inspiration and motivation to write. After my last blog post, I managed to bury myself into an unmotivational hole but I'm here, writing this. When I finished school I felt like I had a ton of weight lifted off of my shoulders. To be fair so … Continue reading July is gone!


There’s something that you should know…

Hey, I would advise you to read my Instagram post as, it might help you understand this post a little bit more. I am just the same as any fourteen year old girl. I have an individual personality, a warm heart and the imagination of a six year old. I could honestly write for hours upon hours and … Continue reading There’s something that you should know…


The Untitled Poem

Hey, I have always had an extreme interest in poems, which if you have read my blog for a while you know. The fact that they are mysterious and confusing makes me so curious. As you may know, last week was my school's exam week. Of course my anxiety and stress levels were as high … Continue reading The Untitled Poem