Snow study days

As my hands touch the soft crystallised flakes i feel a sense of calm. The bitter wind of heaven settles as i reach for my camera and capture a seldom memory. I can hear the birds singing and scurrying to find shelter; i can feel the gusts of delight blowing my hair, whistling in my ears. My fingers start to burn in the midst of the aura so i close my window and watch the snow falling. Observing the beauty of natures deceiving gifts, I’m calm.

Frost bite

Today is the first of March: the first day of Spring. I’ve woken up to snow falling heavily on the heaps of snow blanketed on the ground, covering every nook possible. (As ive been writing this it is around 20 cm deep!) It’s crazy how our seasons are changing, I never thought the first of March would begin below  freezing point – it’s minus four degrees Celsius. Travel is disrupted and schools are closed, it’s an “off day” for pretty much everyone. Although with my mock exams scheduled to commence next week, I’m using my day productively by revising for my exams. My GCSE early modules are in May and although I had experience of one, the stress is starting to creep up onto me like a monkey attaching to its mother.  It’s a massive weight on everyone.

As I’m spending the day home it made me think of the question, what is home to you? Everyone has different perceptions for home. Perhaps its your cosy bedroom or the place you feel most comfortable, loved and where you can show your venerability. Conceivably it could be identified as a place where memories were painted into your mind and unlocked with that familiar smell or object that is uniquely perfect. It could be with that one special person who fills you with comfort. The power of the word “home” is underestimated. It’s a comfort word: undeniably filled with happiness. For me home is a place where it’s warm, cosy and filled with laughter and protection.

Today is a perfect example of my perfect home. My family are all home under the same roof, safe and sound, observing the bitter world outside, protected by love. Occasionally throwing out bread for the poor birds outside. Listening to calm music, taking photographs of my surroundings and writing my heart out on a safe place online. With my dog lying beside me, us keeping each other warm. Today is just perfect.

Throughout the past two months I have created a Spotify playlist called “Early Winter 18.” I’ve collected new music that I really love and I add to it almost everyday.  Music is a very important part of my life, it’s an escape for me. I can listen to it anywhere and just zone out and fade from reality. It fills my mind with creative thoughts for writing and inspiration! I’ve been listening to it for most of today to help me with my revision, if you like music, please check it out!


I hope you enjoyed my post, please leave in the comments what you think home is. To all those reading locally, stay safe and stay inside if you can and most importantly, drink as much hot chocolate as you can! To those who are reading that haven’t been affected by the snow, I hope you have a good day and hopefully I can post you out some snow (just kidding aha!)

Love Courtz x


2 thoughts on “Snow study days

  1. Very wise words from an amazing young lady. The fun we made while freezing our asses off was great 🙂 you made me smile and laugh on a day i didnt think i would. Now as the snow turns to ice and another day begins we can thank tbe powers that be for our beautiful country, nature and friends. Xx


  2. Enjoying your writing very much. As always, I think of you as that young girl, who has a heart & a soul of a mature person. As I read your words, find myself being curious of what will happen next. I encourage you to start writing a novella. You have insight. You can touch many lives & make them happy. Hugs from LA!


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