July is gone!


It’s officially August and I have finally found some inspiration and motivation to write. After my last blog post, I managed to bury myself into an unmotivational hole but I’m here, writing this.

When I finished school I felt like I had a ton of weight lifted off of my shoulders. To be fair so did all of my friends as we all started screaming and hugging, which almost caused us to fall down the stairs to the cafeteria. I was free from the pressure. I’m not going to lie, I used to love school: especially Primary school. The idea of getting homework home with me used to excite me but now, as I get so much of it, I hate it with a passion.

Next year is the start of my GCSE’S, this means I have to get my head down. Wow, its crazy to think that seven years ago, I was about to go into Primary four and I was writing so many little stories.

On the second week of July, my parents decided to take a little camping trip to Dungannon Park. Pepe, my dog, and i went with them, leaving my twenty-one year old brother to fend for himself, at home. I honestly thought I would die with barely any wifi and service, but it was surprisingly relaxing that I could focus my mind on reading and writing without getting worried that I got a text from someone.

We went on a few walks around the Park and, yes, I took photos on my camera.

I know that some of you, reading this, may be absolutely petrified of camping: to be honest, its not that bad. I honestly hope that you try it at least once in your life, its great fun with your friends.

Later in july, my grandparents decided to take me somewhere that I have never been before: Brighton. Let me just tell you, it has been a dream of mine to visit Brighton and I loved it more than I thought I would.


When my grandparents and I arrived, at our hotel room, we opened the blinds and curtains. To our suprise, five minutes later, this bird flew up to our windowsill. My grandad scared it away but, unafraid, it kept appearing again. I decided to snap a picture of it as I thought it was so wierd how close we actually were to a seagull. Throughout the whole week, it kept flying back. I just decided to call the bird: “Nosey.”

We went on so many adventures that week. All around Brighton, London and Eastbourne. It just made me realise how much I love England.

The people in Brighton are so sweethearted, especially the taxi driver who was telling us about his childhood holidays to Ireland.

I had so much fun. Hopefully next time I go, I will visit many more places. Is there any places that you would like to visit? Leave your answers in the comments below.

I hope you all have the most amazing Summer!

Love, Courtz xx


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