There’s something that you should know…


I would advise you to read my Instagram post as, it might help you understand this post a little bit more.

I am just the same as any fourteen year old girl. I have an individual personality, a warm heart and the imagination of a six year old. I could honestly write for hours upon hours and get distracted of what this post is about but im not going to cause I need to just say it…

I like girls

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what my sexuality is, nor anyones. One day I may wake up and be gay other times I may wake up and be bi-sexual: sexuality is fluid but i know for certain that I like girls. We are all human we should love who we want to love.

I needed to say that as it has been a massive secret kept for too long. Most- well 99% – of all my friends already knew when I told them because they literally figured out I was gay before I even knew about the LGBTQ+ community was: I guess I talk about girls too much?

Looking back to when I was younger I had girl crushes although I always buried them at the back of my head as it wasn’t the same as everyone else. I was never told it was okay to love who I wanted to which most likely added to the fact that I developed social anxiety.

I’m terrified but I feel like I need to do this. I am scared incase my family does not accept me for loving the same sex. Its the trauma of loosing the ones I love just because of three words: “I like girls”. Although, I am not a perfect girl, nobody is perfect.

Just last night, I came out to my dad. It took me eight months, after my mother, to come out to him. I built up this guard that he was going to hate me and judge me, when in fact he didn’t. I sent him this text:

Dad im gay. “I am who I am & not who you thought i would be. Love me for me❤️” – Maria Preda 

I think using a quote helped my confidence incredibly. Yes, I cried my eyes out, but with relief.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Maria who gave me that quote: it will forever be one of my most memorable quotes. 

The thing is, for me to live my life to the fullest, I need to be accepted for who I am not for whom I am supposed to be. You really only do have one life, and whats the point on living your life on a lie, especially if you hate lying? As for you, you can love who you want to love, no one can stop you.

I honestly hope in the future, no one needs to come out. It would be something that would just be accepted. That would be amazing. Being accepted fully no matter your skin colour, race, religion, sexuality or gender. Whats the point on hating on eachother when we are all human – we all have the same colour blood: red. We all have our induvidual differences in each and everyone of us, no one is exactly the same, and that’s what makes us human

What inspired me to come out was Joey Graceffa. His music video, Don’t Wait, was his coming out video which was extremely creative.

“I accept of who I am, perhaps you could do the same. Together we could be stronger & make this world a better place.” ~ Maria Preda 

Thank you so much for reading my post. If anyone has any questions about coming to terms with yourself please feel free to comment, dm or email me. 

Love Courtzbella xx


13 thoughts on “There’s something that you should know…

  1. This is beautifully written. As a mother of two (a 11yr old boy and 9yr old girl)
    Who I love with all my heart. And I hope they have as much bravery as you do.
    I expose my kids to all walks of life, so they understand and never to judge. We accept all. This is how it should be everywhere.

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  2. omg u go girl!!! i got all teary reading this because i am so proud of your confidence and beautiful message. and i completely agree, i really hope one day we stop defining ourselves by who we love. at the base of it pretty much every human loves someone, and it doesn’t matter what gender they are ❤ bless ur soul girl, thank you for sharing this!! xx

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