The Untitled Poem


I have always had an extreme interest in poems, which if you have read my blog for a while you know. The fact that they are mysterious and confusing makes me so curious.

As you may know, last week was my school’s exam week. Of course my anxiety and stress levels were as high as a bat, therefore I wrote this as a stress reliever, instead of revising for my dreaded chemistry exam..

Rivers of the skies determine natures cries.
Upon the window they may fall; by the ocean they may crawl.
I watch the darkened sky, in a whirlwind I fly.
Outside the land of dreaded thought, to the land of those who fought.
I examine the crystalised spots, inspired and designed more than dots.
As I embrace the uncommon light outburst in  the dead of night.
My heart emersed in despair, my mind, immigrates elsewhere.
Unimagional beauty glistens as the water dribbled down the alter.
My hand and heart screaming “how unfair?” Encrypted with blood boiling bare.
You were the sunshine of the day, without you I am grey.
Alternative lies committed for a princess,  discovered brutally with a Gods bless.
To my love, princess and queen, upon lies I may comprehend how you weren’t so keen.

I believe, every poem has a hidden meaning, so too does a photograph, painting or even human lives. Everything happens for a reason.

2017-06-09-18-14-52If you were to look at this photograph that I took, everyone would have an individual, different interpretation to another person: this is also the same with poems. Finding the hidden meaning behind poems, to me, is honestly so fun!

What is your interpretation of my poem and what would you call it? – leave your answer in the comments below.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope you liked it. Next Friday at 8pm (British Summer Time) I am uploading something special.. hehe.

love Courtz xx


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