The arrival of Spring!

Spring! It’s officially Spring! The flowers are out, the sun is shining(ish) and summer is near. I could say that Spring is my favourite season but every season has its own special delights that make me fall in love with them even more; every season is my favourite.

If I were ever to look back on a memory from Spring or Summer I always get a wierd feeling. It’s as if my body is filled with freedom and grace: this doesn’t happen with neither Autumn nor Winter. Im pretty sure that I am not the only person who gets this exceedingly thrilling emotion. 

Spring walks

The one thing that I always look forward to is spring walks. I don’t know what makes me love nature so much but it always seems to be calming. Whether it is the park, lough, river or sea side, it never fails to give me a calming vibe. I would say that the reason for this would be that, ever since I was little, my grandad would always take me on little trips to the smallest, most beautiful places that you would never have thought exsisited in this marvellous world. He would take me to small unknown beaches and little parks hidden beyond imagination. I always have enjoyed them and I always will!

Not only does my grandad take me to oustanding places, but my family does too. I’ve had uncountable walks with them. Everytime we seem to go on a walk with them, we always find unimaginable interesting things to do. Honestly, I would recommend to everyone to go on a walk with your loved ones, follow your heart but don’t get lost!


Flowers are blossoming; beauty is deleloping. There are fields upon fields of flowers in countries across the world. From roses to daffodils: all of which filling the world with a part of nature that keeps life recurring. 

My most favourite flower would have to be daisies. In fact, on Wednesday I saw the most perfect daisy on my way home and I decided to give it to my mummy: partly because mothers day was last Sunday and partly for being so kind and understanding.

Wildlife & Insects

Nature is full of suprises and wildlife is one of them! In spring, animals come out of hibernation and appear in true beauty for the first time that year.

As I was walking round the park, today, I found it awfully difficult to take photos of nature; when I did it was accidentally. Although, I did manage to get a few shots of bees and, of course, my dog.

In my opinion, nature is the most beautiful thing to exsist: humans included. I just wish people would open their eyes, look up from their screens and look around! 

Ever since I got my camera, I have been experiencing the world as if I was a child once again. There’s so much more to the world than you think, more than just your phones and bedroom. Every fragile detail adds to the world beauty, reflecting an image upon our imagination and into our dreams.

I hope you all have a wonderful Spring time. If you go out on any walks I would love to see photos: tag me on Instagram or twitter @Courtzbella. Thanks for reading!


CourtzBella x


5 thoughts on “The arrival of Spring!

  1. Like always…it is a delight to read your blogs. Out of the abundance of your heart, the thoughts will come. Keep on pouring your thoughts out, they will touch people in special way. Hugs from beautiful Los Angeles, CA

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