Love Trinket Box

Hey, since it is Valentine’s day I decided to write a love themed post! 

Whilst I was tidying my room, I came across a little trinket box. Of course i was intruiged therefore I opened it.

I was shocked at how cute it was! Inside it had cute little love messages! Every single one of them delving into the deep depths of what love really is. 

Love isn’t just a game: nor is it possible to break. When you love someone, you love them no matter what happens. No matter what emotion you or they might be feeling. Love is happiness, sadness, anger and confusion. But altogether, love is precious!

I can’t remember who got me this love box, but I am truely greatful for it! Maybe when I am older I will give it to my lover for valentines day…

So, valentines day, what is so special about it for me? For me it’s not about being in a relationship because, surprise, im single (Not very shocking since I am fourteen)! Well, every single year I get a card and a little present from my secret admirer. It took me eight years to figure out who it was. My secret admirer was my grandad. From what I have gathered, I think he wanted me to not feel left out but he also wanted to show that someone loves and cares about me dearly. I think it is the cutest idea ever!

As I said before, valentines day isn’t all about relationships. It’s about the people who love you and the people you love. It doesn’t even have to be people! You can love your pets! Valentines day is all about love!

No matter what you are doing today, whether you are watching Netflix or you are atold school, think about your loved ones! 


Courtz xxx 

Ps. Thank you so much for 100 followers! ❀


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