Best friends are loyal!

Hey, as some of you may know a little while ago I went on a trip with two of my best friends to my most favourite place in Northern Ireland: Oxford Island. If you have seen my Instagram lately you may have noticed that I have been posting a lot of photos; that is because I brought my camera with me!

Honestly I never thought that taking two of my best friends to my most favourite place would be so fun: on top of that putting my photography into practice. It’s amazing how I overcame my anxiety and just went for it. I got out of bed and no matter how bad my anxiety was I just fought it. The outcome of this was unbelievable. I made so many iconic memories and took so many ‘amazing’ photos.

This got me thinking: the friends are the family that you choose. Honestly without my friends I would say I would probably not have accomplished half of the things that I have done in my life!

I’ve had struggles with some of my friends over the past few weeks because I am too scared to speak up and actually talk about my problems. The thing is that once you get past them horrid, intermittent struggles, you realise how much your friends actually care about you.

I have looked back at all the times, over the past three years, that I have been sad; I have realised that every time at least one of my friends have asked if I am okay: that is including my internet friends! I feel privileged to have the most loyal, awesome, supportive friends.

One thing that I want you to do is to think about all of the good times you have had with your loved ones. Think about how many people care about you, cause I do! Don’t let anyone ever bring you down for being yourself because, as cheesy as it is, you really only live once! Whats the point of living an unhappy life when you can live a happy one?

Thanks for reading. I hope you are all doing well! I just want to say a big thank you to Maria Preda, who is a big idol of mine, for taking her time and reading my blog!


Courtz xx


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