New year, new me?

Hey, it is officially 2017! And guess what? I got a camera for Christmas last year! I am so excited to take some amazing photos! Honestly, getting a camera was probably the most exciting gift ever, as now I can follow my dream of becoming a photographer!


Let us talk about the quote, “New year, new me”.  Everyone seems to say this every year, although most people don’t seem to stick to it: am I right? This quote, for the first time in my life, I am following: well kind of... I know I can’t change my personality, nor my looks, but what I can change is my outlook on life!

The past few years of my life have been pretty tough; now looking back on it, they were only tough because I surrounded myself with unwanted negativity! The only way for you to have a positive outlook on life is to get rid of that unwanted negativity.

Over the past two weeks, I have subtracted most of the negativity in my life and as a result of this, I have become a much happier, cheerful, productive person! It’s as if I have just taken my first breath of fresh air in years. All I can say is it feels good to feel positive for a change.

Thinking positively has also affected my anxiety drastically! It has prevented a lot of panic attacks: even though I still get that horrible anxious feeling that I am working my way to get rid of.

Recently I have really been into a YouTuber called Joey Graceffa. He has been adding to my positivity and believe it or not helping me with my anxiety. He has recently released a crystal jewelry line called Crystal Wolf! I decided to order a caged Amethyst necklace, from the first collection, as it gives off an energy to attract peace, calmness, and balance. I love it so much! In fact, just today I did my first ever photography shoot with my best friend, Mickey (That’s obviously not her real name as she didn’t want her real name on here for privacy reasons), and I took a few shots with her wearing the necklace!

To keep up my positivity I decided that I should read a little more. Not many people know this but when I was in Primary School I used to be such a bookworm that I would always have a book with me everywhere I went! I used to love the idea of a book bringing you into someone else’s world of imagination! If you have seen my Instagram lately I have been into Youtuber books! My most favourite YouTuber books probably have to be the Girl online series and Children Of Eden. The reason these are my favourites is because I can relate the characters so much!

I hope you liked my new blog post. Please leave, in the comments below, your resolutions for this year. It feels good to be back! I hope you have an amazing year but remember this year is only getting started!

Love Courtz x


27 thoughts on “New year, new me?

  1. I AM SUPER HAPPY YOU’RE BACK! I am so glad you’re happier! And lucky you! It would be dream to get a camera. But obviously my mum can’t afford it! But the first thing I am going to buy in my salary is/ will try to be a camera (professional)!


  2. you’re such a great blogger! I’m new to your blog so I don’t really know you but you seem so nice and my resolution is to stay true to myself, not to just go with the crowd 🙂
    Autumn xx

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