My dream….


Today I am going to talk to you about my dream. My dream to become a photographer.

Ever since my first electronic device (a dell tablet) I have always took so many photos. In my lifetime I would say that I have took over million photos. And I’m only 13!

Photos to me aren’t just ink on a piece of paper, photos all have memories and stories behind them.


If you look at this photo some people may just think that it is a telescope. But if I look at to me it looks like an old telescope that has been used by so many people. It’s probably over 100 years old.

That’s why I love taking photos. It freezes time in a memory that you can keep forever.

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I took these on my camping trip with my family that we go on every year. There are loads more but here are a few.

These are memories to me! I love all of these photos. And even though I spent most of my time taking them, I had so much fun on the trip.

So by starting this blog I am following my dream. My dream to become a photographer.

P.s. I will be posting exclusives of the photos that I took on my trip on my Instagram.

Love you

Courtzbella xx


13 thoughts on “My dream….

  1. WOW! Those photos are so good. I saw your comment on zoella’s blog, you don’t need a better quality camera because you have your amazing ability of photography and making it look like you have used a really good quality camera! x All the best, Riella.

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  2. I completely agree! When I am older the one thing I want to do is take photos just like you are now! I also agree with what you said about how photos freeze time, it is one of my favorite things about photos xx

    someone online |
    p.s. I subscribed!

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