Puppy love

Today I am going to be talking about something that some of you can relate to; puppy love.
The best thing about having a rubbish day, is walking home through the door to a happy dog, wagging his tail at you, smiling. And you can sit down in the living room and get him to sit beside you. To me this is the best feeling! Cuddling beside a little Teddie bear. Usually, I know this is weird but, I tell my dog what has happened that day. After all, he isn’t going to tell anyone is he! And then we play fetch with his toys. This is the only time my dog barks! And that’s what I love about him.
This is Puppy love, that’s what I call it at least. It is basically when you love your puppy so much that he stands by you. It’s unconditional love! If you have a pet, you will be able to relate to how I feel and it’s great to have a pet who you can tell all your secrets to.



This was when my dog was fast asleep beside me!

Thanks for reading this quick post! I hope you liked it.
If you were allowed any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?
I would choose a dog still because I can never part with them!

Courtzbella xx


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