Run away

So this is another poem which I wrote basically about dreams I have been having.

Run Away

I ran the fastest that I could,
As far as I could go.
To run away from my life,
Far away from home.

The tears kept falling,
The rain was pelting.
My insides;
I knew they were melting.

I came to a tree,
In the middle of a field.
I stopped and took a breath,
Fighting my head from death.


This photo is basically my head. A black sole stuck in the shadows.

I hope you liked this post. I would really like to know if you were an image what would you look like? I would look like the image just above.
Love you
Courtzbella xx


4 thoughts on “Run away

  1. your poem is so good i love it! i always write songs and you inspired me to try to write some poems and i did! and i loved it! today i wrote three short poems and now i love writing poems.
    i know its weird but i play my guitar (which btw i don’t learn playing it but i just do for fun) to get inspired and then i write my poem on what i believe in.

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