Drawings and quotes

Today I am going to be talking about quotes.
I have always been a lover for quotes. Quotes from songs, books, poems and even speeches. I know this is probably weird but I read more quotes that are sad and depressing as I know they have a story behind the words. So do drawings!
I asked my friend to draw me the first thing that popped into her head. She did it. And then I asked her why she drew it and told her not to tell me but write it just underneath the drawing.


To me that doesn’t make sense, but it makes sense to my friend. I had to blur out her signature because she didn’t want her name on here and that’s okay.

Then I told her  why; I said her that ‘whatever you draw has a meaning, whether it’s a pineapple or a cat they all have meanings behind why you draw it’.
Quotes always go with drawings to me as they explain why you drew it. So the next time you draw something write down underneath why you drew it!

What are your favourite quotes?
Write them in the comments.
Here are some of mine:




Side note: these photos are not my own. All rights go to the owners!

I hope you liked this post on drawings and quotes. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in two weeks I have been really busy with revision and homeworks but I will try to post once every week until my exams are over(not big exams).
Love you
Courtzbella xx


4 thoughts on “Drawings and quotes

  1. Love it! Love the meanings behind words and pictures. Two of my favourite quotes are “The unexamined life is not worth living” by Socrates and “I think, therefore I am” by Descartes.

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