Dear teenage girls….

Today is am going to write a post to every single teenage girl out there.
Judging yourself
I know that every single teenage girl, out there, judges themselves based on other people’s opinions. I do it! I admit to it! Every time you go onto instagram or snapchat, and post a selfie, you always write opinions. Even if you don’t do that you still worry about what people will think of you or you compare yourself to someone else. I have to give you one piece of advice, stop judging yourself based on other people’s opinions because it makes you feel bad about yourself.
Just because you are not wearing makeup doesn’t mean that you aren’t pretty! I know that for a fact! I used to hate myself if I didn’t wear makeup into school because I thought that my friends would judge me. The truth is that if you’re friends are judging you for not being yourself, they aren’t your real friends.
This is especially to you, do what makes you happy not anyone else! Trust me, if you try to do something that you don’t like it makes you feel very judged and anxious. I’ve done this before and looking back on it now it was stupid because I wasted a time of my life that I  could’ve been doing something that I was passionate about.
Designer clothes
Wearing expensive clothes doesn’t always mean that you get more friends. In my school we have to wear a uniform, and I am actually happy that we have to do that because I wouldn’t have enough money for designer brands.
Being mean on social media
I know from past experiences that social media is kind of the worst place to be if there is a fight. Please don’t start a fight on social media. Just because you are behind a screen and you can’t see them face to face, doesn’t mean that you can be mean to them. When someone is mean to me both offline and online I get really upset. My advice if someone is starting a fight on social media either go off it for a while or block them(also tell an adult or someone you trust)!
Stress, worries and anxiousness
I get really stressed, worried and anxious about everything! But the one thing that helps me take my mind of it is writing. I can pretend that I am in a different reality and I am fearless. I just have to say that getting stressed, worried or anxious about things is normal. I would advise talking to a parent if it gets too out of hand!


These are my current notebooks that I have fallen in love with. They are from Èccolo.
Thanks for reading this post! If you have anything you would like to add be free to put them in the comments. You are all amazing and I love you so much, thank you for filling me with happiness every time I get a new view.
Love you
Courtzbella x


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