The most embarrassing moment ever!

So this post is a little bit embarrassing and scary. I never thought that I could put them two words together in a sentence to describe a day!
Physical education fail
Okay so I hate PE! I always have and I always will! We were playing this running x-e-osies game. The aim of the game is two get three bibs in a row of your colour. Of course it was my turn to run up with the bib and put it down for the win! I did it! But for some reason I kept running and I slipped on the bib! Yes, I slipped on the bib with about 40 people from my school watching! How stupid am i, like seriously who slips on a bib after they win a game.
I fell on my back with my back leg bent doing the jazz splits. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt! As soon as I realised what had happened I covered my mouth and started laughing!
Okay if you don’t know me, I laugh at everything. Literally! If you don’t believe me then ask one of my friends! It’s the truth!
All my friends started crowding around me worried and shocked and there was me there, lying on the ground laughing my head of!
So that’s it for this storytime! If something similar has happened to you please post it in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “The most embarrassing moment ever!

  1. I liked this as soon as you said u hate PE πŸ˜‰ nah I think its good that you laughed coz then ur just brushing it off and not making a big deal πŸ™‚ Hope future PE lessons go a bit better πŸ˜‰
    Lui xx


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