Today I am going to take to you about music.
I listen to music everywhere; at home, the bus, in the car, etc. I love it. I think it has saved my life because without it my life was boring. It helps me relax and feel like I’m in a different reality. I love it!
For the past two years I have absolutely loved Twenty One Pilots. They explain me in so many different ways that I am addicted to all of their songs. Everyone said that their songs were rubbish, but lately everyone understands why I love them that much because they are in the charts.

What is your favourite song/artist/album?
Please leave a comment!

Thank you for reading this little ramble of mine. I am so happy that so many more of you have started to read my posts. It’s quite shocking that people are interested in things that I like!

Love you all


5 thoughts on “Music

  1. I love music too! I think it’s saved my life in that it speaks to me and makes me feel understood. It just helps. I find the songs I like best tell my story. Favourite song: If I Am by Nine Days. Favourite album: Simply Nothing by Shawn McDonald. Favourite artist: Goo Goo Dolls. What about you?

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