Tips on revision

Thank you all for your help comments on my last post. I would just like to let you all know that I am fine now. I have had no flashbacks and I have gotten my staples taken out and I didn’t feel a thing.
Today I would like to talk to you about exams. For some random reason it compulsory for us to do GCSE’s. Why? For most jobs( online jobs mostly ) you don’t need your GCSE results. I think that they put too much pressure on teenagers to revise to get high grades. I don’t really understand the point of this! It just makes someone very anxious.

My top 3 tips on revision

1. Revise at your own pace.
What I mean by this is give yourself plenty of time to revise. You can set time goals( how long you’re going to revise for ) to help you.

2. Pretend that it is homework.
When I do my homework I have my favourite songs playing on my phone. So when I revise, to make it feel more like homework, I put music on. This makes me feel less anxious.

3. Do not whatsoever revise at the last second!
Trust me don’t! I did it a few times on my maths unit tests and then when it came to my big exam I couldn’t remember a thing! My mind went blank! Try not to do this and if you get a low score in your exam don’t worry just learn from your mistakes!

That’s it for my little ramble and tips today! I hope this helped some of you! In the comments below tell me your opinions on GCSE’S.

Love you all


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