Scariest moment of my life!

Today I am going to talk to you all about the scariest moment of my life. It happened on Thursday 24th March.

The moment!
Okay, so Rebecca(my close friend) was doing stretches with some of my friends to help them with the splits. So i decided to try it! Worst mistake of my life!
So when we did it she pushed my leg too far and my balancing leg slipped. I started to fall and everything was in slow motion.  I banged my head twice( it was actually 3 times as my friend told me). When i finally fell to the floor i couldn’t move for (what it felt) a long time. I felt like i was going to die. I couldnt feel my heartbeat and i could barely breathe. Everyone was asking if I was ok and conscious but i couldn’t reply. I could barely understand what they were saying because it was in slow motion. When I could move again I kept my eyes shut and put my hands over my eyes and started breathing slowly as if a panic attack was going to come on.I also cried a little. I started replying to my friends saying i was fine but i still didnt take my hands off my eyes. Unicornqueen wanted me to go to the light to check if i had a concussion, but i could barely see out of my eyes when i took my hand off, five minutes later. I just lay there and then my two friends Unicornqueen and annonymous(she didnt want her name on here) helped me to sit up. I felt unbelievably dizzy and like i was going to faint. I sat there for the next ten minuites focusing on my breathing and staring at the floor. I said to Rebecca that my head felt strange of where i banged it! I felt anxious and panicy but i knew that if i had a panic attack it would make it worst. I am shaking non stop at this point. Rebecca told a teacher and she said to get an ice pack but then somehow she forgot. After 10 minutes i decide to stand up and get ready to walk over to the other site. At this point my head was throbbing, my breathing was tight, i was still shaking, and i still felt dizzy and like i was goint to faint! I decided to tell my other best friend. She told me to tell my form teacher and i did so. I told her how i felt and what had happened. She told me to walk over to the other site, for final assembly, and she would meet me there. When we were walking over i walked carefully beside my other bff and Rebecca. She looked at the side of my head and said, “Omg ……(my bffs name) look. Shes bleeding.” I froze and started to panic and cry. Rebecca then called a teacher over. I freaked out, i didnt know if I was okay. I didnt know how bad it was. Why did she freak out? Can I go home? I don’t want to go to hospital? We told everything to the teacher and my bff told me not to panic. Somehow she knew i was panicking…

When we got to the other site i was sent straight to the office. I had to lye down on a sofa and i felt really scared, although i didn’t show it because i was laughing. The school called home and my grandad picked me up to go to A&E. On the way we had to pick up my brother because my grandad had to pick my granny up from work. When we got there i was told that i had a cut and that they had ro stapel it up. When it happened i laughed because it tickled! No joke! Okay it hurt a little bit but it tickled. Unicornqueen says i laugh when i am scared; i think that is true!

I keep having these weird and scary flashbacks of what happened. I cant close my eyes without being back there on the floor unable to move or hear my heartbeat. I also had three nightmares last night about it. I think i am still shocked. And to be fair this is the most scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped me! When i wrote this i slightly panicked but im alright now. Even though my head still hurts!

courtzbella xx


9 thoughts on “Scariest moment of my life!

  1. You definitely should get checked out. But your flashbacks are trauma stress – I’ve had them after several scary accidents. It’s your mind just reliving the moment because (as they say, it’s trauma and your brain can’t turn off those nerves just yet). It’s good that you wrote about it, that’s part of the release too.

    Hope you do feel better though! Very scary!

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