A day out

Today was Saint Patrick’s day and i went into town with my bff.
Worst mistake ever!
Don’t get me wrong, it was fun! But when we got into town people were everywhere. And i mean everywhere! Everyone was wearing the Irish flags and green and we weren’t. It was so awkward! My bff wanted to get a flag and i kept saying no because we had to meet up with my granny. When we got further into the main street police were coming; i freaked. I started panicking and i am very surprised i didn’t have a panic attack. I started worrying about everything:
• loud bangs were being set off
• police sirens were firing
• we smelt smoke
• there was a thousand people coming towards us
We ran off after this and went to chopsticks! I have never went there before so i just got a gravy chip because i was scared of being sick.

After town we decided to go up to the park. We took loads of photos, well selfies more than anything. But here are some of the photos, i took them all on my phone.




Over all i think this is my most favourite photo as it represents all of the good times me and my bff had together when we were young.





This is my second favourite and my attempt at being tumblr.
At the park we bumped into our old primary school “friends”. (We never hung out with them because they were very annoying.)
So we started talking about school and then somehow we( my best friend and i ) found out that they drank alcohol. I freaked out! How can a 13 year old drink half a bottle of alcohol and not get caught by there parents. I was shocked!
Then after that we started talking about phones. All of my friends said that they were getting iPhone 6’s for Christmas, But Lela started bragging that she was getting a better one than everyone else.
So when we(my bff and i) got back we had dinner and started mocking teachers in our schools and acting them out. I think that is officially the most funniest game ever!
That’s it for me today i hope you liked this type of post! In the comments please post what you did in saint Patrick’s day.


courtzbella xx


5 thoughts on “A day out

  1. Wow I honestly love your blog so much! You’re such a talented photographer and I have followed you!

    I actually made a blog today and would really appreciate your feedback on it! Thank you so much if you do! It’s called thatweirdgirl2.wordpress.com

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