Today I have decided to take some photos of flowers because to me flowers are the birth of beautifulness. I have only taken three photos but i like them so much. I took them all on my phone( i dont have a camera but i will someday! ) and it worked!


This is my most favourite photo. I like the way it blurs at the front and focus on the flowers in the middle. It adds a little bit of depth into the photo.


This is my second favourite photo. To me it resembles new life. Yes i know that is weird but i love it! The flower is so pretty the way it turns from pink to orange.


This is my least favourite but i still love it. I love daffodils! They give me so many memories from when i was young. In primary two we went to a little flower area and planted 40 daffodils. The smell was so strong and beautiful i can still remember it seven years later!

Thanks for reading i hope you liked my photos!

courtzbella xx


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