My desk

Today i am going to be doing a desk tour because i love my desk and it resembles me in so many ways. If you want to you can use some of my ideas. So lets get started!


So this is my desk! It has fairy lights( from Poundland, they are actually really good! ) that are hanging on top to give it a little bit of light. I have loads of drawings in the background( they aren’t all mine some are presents from my friends). For some random reason i draw what i feel; it is actually pretty awesome because it lets my emotions out without speaking! You can see my Olaf.


Okay so this is my happy jar. I know it has a little bit of a weird name but it will make sense in a minute.
Basically what i do is i ask my friends to write little notes to me that will make me happy, i find quotes from my role models on the internet and write them down, i give myself advice for something’s and finally, i write down things that have happened to me that are unbelievable( For example: Tyler Oalkey liked my photo ). I then put them all into jars!


What i do with this is when i am sad, anxious or i have just had a rubbish day, i read these and they help make me happy! Try this out for yourself!


I really like tatty teddy! It is not weird! Its also not weird that i have an overflowing collection of teddies. But anyway back to talking about tatty teddy! I really like this ornament that my granny bought me for doing well in my AQE. I like the way the heart balloons are transparent. It really adds me to my desk. (just to let you know the tatty teddy drawing was drawn by my friend, Rebecca)


I was really shocked by the way this photo turned out. I love it so much!
This is my favourite shelf of my desk! On it i have my second favourite ornament, a paperweight(i got that in Scotland in an amusement park), a pink crystal that my granny got me and my brothers owl that somehow came into my room! The crystal to me is so pretty, you can barely see it in this photo but it is just behind the paper weight.


And now for the last photo. Okay so on the right is a penguin jar. It is a marshmallow holder that you can get it B&M but i didn’t want to throw it away so i kept it and put all of my hair stuff in it! Just beside it is a little candle holder that had two unicorns in it. I just think it looks so cute! In the middle is a jewellery box. Which i am surprised i actually decided to fill it with jewellery. Then i have a jar which is filled with pencils. I got the jar in TKMAX yesterday for £3.00 which is really cheep! And lastly i have a note block. My friend got me this for Christmas and i love it to bits! It had small bits of paper inside of it! I use it for my happy jar.

So that’s it for this post i really hope you like it! I have been planning this for ages and i decided to write it at 11:30  which is not smart because my eyes are slowly closing.

Thanks for reading


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