Welcome to my mind

Today i am going to talk(ramble) about something that has been worrying me lately, my head.

I feel so enclosed and trapped in worries, is this normal? Okay sure, people say they get anxious around tests but me, i get anxious at leaving my room, i get anxious leaving my house, i get anxious walking home from school, i get anxious everywhere. To be honest i think i have severe anxiety. Literally, i have even had to calm myself down after having a panic attack at half two in the morning. Whats even worst is that i haven’t even told my mum and dad about it because i get really anxious of what they might think.

So recently i have been going through a lot with family problems(not the splitting up just some people are sick) and it has really hit me hard. You imagine living your whole life with everyone you live with now but what you forget is the circle of life! I do this all the time! I feel sad that i know that i will die at one point and that will make people sad(yes i am going through this right now).

Okay so this is really hard for me to say but here i go:
Last year i was suicidal. I had no friends at this point and i was going through bullying. When i look back on it i think i was really depressed. I didn’t want to do anything anymore because i had made so many mistakes that i thought i was a waste of space. Well i didn’t do it and i am glad i didn’t because i wouldn’t have good friends like i do now. If you are thinking like i was please remember that someone cares about you, whether it is your pet a family member or a friend someone cares. I care about you! Please don’t do it because u are the nicest person ever. You have done one nice thing to me and that is that you are reading my blog. Please don’t do it, trust me it will get better. Thank you!

So that was a little bit of what is inside my head. I hope this helped some of you!

Thanks for reading


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