My parents smoke…

Today i am going to be writing about something that scares me; smoking. Almost everyone in my family smokes and i hate it!
Why do they do it?
I know they are addicted to it but why did they start. To me they are practically killing themselves. I think it is just stupid.
How have i tried to stop them?
I have told them that they are practically killing themselves and the only reply i get is if you would stop annoying us then we would! That is not true. My brother says that is definitely bot true(he smokes too unfortunately)
Help me?
If anyone knows how i should try to stop them please put it in the comments because i really worry about them.

Thanks for reading

Courtzbella xx


One thought on “My parents smoke…

  1. It must be horrible having a whole family that smokes. I am totally against it! I’m fortunate enough that hardly anyone I know does it. It really annoys me though. Some people have to live with diseases like cancer when they did nothing to deserve it but people who smoke are basically asking for cancer 😦

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