This week I am talking about insucurities. Although before I start I have to explain what it is. Insucurities or being insecure is being uncertain or anxious about yourself or lack of confidence. It can also be when you compare yourself to others.
I’m sure everyone is insucure about something about themselves. It’s okay not to be. I asked some of my friends to tell me some of their insucurities, so here they are.

“I feel insecure when my school goes swimming in the changing rooms cos I feel fat compared to others.”

“My height and that people make fun of me for it”

I have some insucurities of my own. I think I’m fat and ugly. I also feel stupid.

See everyone is different. Although think of it this way. For everything that you hate about yourself, think why you should love it. This will make you a lot happier and less insucure. Also remember that no one is perfect. So don’t try to be because it will make you feel bad. Trust me I have tried.

Hope this helped you! Sorry haven’t uploaded in ages I promise from now on I will upload at least once a week.

Merry Christmas,
Courtzbella xx💕💕💋


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