Colour jar

I decided to do an early post for next week so I hope you like it. It is a diy that I have made up.


Do you want to make a colour jar? If so you will need:

Liquid hand soap

There is five easy steps to making this.

1. Collect the chalk and put it into the jar.

2. With your knife start breaking up the chalk in the jar but break if up  until you have some pieces that are less that 5cm.

3. Get the water and put in in the jar with the chalk. Shake it then pour it out making sure that not that much chalk is coming out.

4. Add the liquid hand soap slowly.

5. Close the jar and leave it there for an hour to set.

There you go you have made your very own colour jar. I hope you liked this diy. It is different from what I usually post but I wanted to make something new. Hope you try it out.

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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