Memories and treasures!

For this post I decided to tell you all about memories and treasures. So I hope you like it;
When you think of memories you automatically think of either bad things or big good things that have happened in your life. Am I right? But what about all of those small but happy memories, do you forget about them? You probably do. I do most times. But what I do to remember a small memory, is that I keep a small memory box. In this I put anything in that I think is a good memory or something to remember. In five years time you will look back and remember all of the small memories that you would happen. My advice is to cherish your memories forever.
In my memory box I keep loads of treasures. Such as shells, photos, belongings to family members, etc. I love the way when I look at them I remember everything that happened when I first looked at it. My treasures make me happy!


Hope you liked this weeks post. I am so sorry I am late. I have been very busy.

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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