Halloween frights

Since it is almost Halloween I decided to give you a few tips and ideas on how to decorate your house. So here I go!

1. Pumkins- As you probably know pumpkins are a big thing in Halloween; but instead of carving them normally, carve a witch, vampire, ghost , etc into them.

2. Spiders- Put spiders(fake ones) all over your house.

3. Candles- Candles are a nice thing to have at Halloween.  Some candles give off beautiful cents and make your home come really creepy and scary.

4. Spider webs- If you want to you can put stretched cotton wool over your window or you can buy spiders webs in some shops. For the best effect add spiders into it.

5. Gross food- Are you having a Halloween party? If so then( if you can ) food colour foods such as cake, jelly, ice cream, biscuits, etc.

6. Fake blood- put it wherever you want but if you have a skeleton put it on that

7.lanterns- instead of lights use lanterns and put candles in them.


That’s it from me hope you liked it. Happy Halloween!

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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