I love going outside and looking at all of the beautiful things that nature has to offer! Don’t you? Going to parks, walking in the street, having a walk in your back garden, animals that you find are all nature. Here is some photos of me going on a walk:





Nature is so beautiful that you just want to take pictures of it. Check out this photo blog of nature. On this blog you will find beautiful photos of flowers, skies, etc.

Things to look out for on a walk in the park

•collect concers
•collect pinecones

Hope you enjoy walks in the park!
Love you

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


2 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Going outside to walk around freely really is refreshing and we should all definitely do it more often. I love the pics as well! ❤
    Not sure how I'm suppose to casually blend this into a comment but I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! 😀


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