How to deal with loss

At the moment this is a really hard thing for me to talk about because someone in my family is really sick, but here I go!

When I say loss I mean someone close to you that has died. Yes I know that is a horrid thing to talk about but If you read on you will know what to do in the future!


The last time that someone died in my family was when I was in primary 3. She was my great auntie and I loved her so much. I didn’t react in a good way. I started blocking out all of my friends and when I look back on it now I think I had anxiety. It was really, really bad! As you can tell from that I am very emotional!
Here are some tips:
•think about them
•do not have suicidal thoughts because it is the circle of life and I know you loved them very much but you have to let them know.
•talk to someone don’t keep it to yourself
•it is okay to cry

Hope my advice helped!

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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