Today I would like to tell you about my eczema! I am not going to show you what it looks like because I know it won’t appeal to most of you!

Eczema is when the skin is dry. It usually occurs around the joints of the human body! (Haha I sound so nerdy)

My experiences

I have had eczema since I was a little girl! It is quite annoying because it is a bit like chicken pox the way when you scratch it, it makes it worst! I went to the doctor and he said that I needed stronger cream because I have become prone (addicted) to using it, therefore it won’t work! They said I have it because I stress too much at school!

How to get rid of eczema

•moisturising cream it works
•go to the doctor
•stop itching – I know its hard but what I do is nip myself to destract myself

Hope my advice helped!

Love you
Courtzbella xxxxx ♥


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