My poem

As we are learning about world war two in English because we are reading the boy in the striped pyjamas.
This photo was by

So I decided to write a poem about it:

Those Days…..

Those days of unhappiness and crying,
Working all day for them.
They starve us and make us wear weird pyjamas,
Sometimes we are shot,
Sometimes we are tortured.

Then that horrible day came,
When we went into a small square room.
It looked so new and untouched,
We then went in.

The room was full of naked men,
All anxious and afraid.
The door then shut, and the room went dark,
And then everyone was dead…….


This photo was found by

If you are wondering this is a true story. It is from when hitler tried to kill all of the Jews etc. It was written by me and I hope you like it! xx

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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