Injections- my experience

Today I am going to tell you about my experience of having an injection.

One day my mum and dad got a letter from my school saying that I am offered an injection to protect me from a type of cancer, and of course my mum and dad took it! (Two things I need to tell you, I am terrified of injections and nurses)

The day came. And it was our class’s turn to get them but when I got to the hall, I looked in and thought, ” I can’t do this! I can’t be in a room with two of my biggest fears!” Then I ran up the stairs and started to cry.

I know I sound like a cry baby but you would understand if you were facing two of your biggest fears at once.

I called up one of my good friends and a few of my other friends came up too. And I told them why I was crying and they calmed me down and eventually took me into the hall.

When I got into the hall, everyone was staring at me, probably because I was crying. Then the nurse said to put our blazers over at the corner of the hall then to sit down. They gave us our health forms and she then asked for anyone who is nervous to come with her. At this point she looked straight at me. I thought ” no u can’t she will take me into a room alone with her and talk to me” but I went anyway!

She took me to a nice nurse that was very kind. She talked to me for a bit to calm me down. But that didn’t work. Then she asked me if I wanted it and I kept saying I don’t know.

But then I finally gave in and I had the injection. At that time I was shaking like mad. I’ve never had a bee sting but my mum said that is what it feels like.

When she did it she counted down and then did it it was only for a second but it felt like 10 seconds because the sting of this I hated.

After that I kept on shaking. I am still terrified of injections but not nurses. I have to get two more and the next one is supposed to be worst.

Wish me luck
Love you

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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