How to help a friend!

Today I am going to talk to you about helping a friend.
When I say helping a friend I mean when they are sad u help them. This is a common thing said:


Well I’m going to give you a few tips on how to help your friend if she is in trouble or sad.


1.  Ask your friend what is wrong
2. If you can think of anyway to help them do
3. If they cry hug them (only if they like hugs!)
4. If it is serious tell an adult or someone you trust

These sometimes help me when I’m sad and I do these to my friends to help them.

If your friend rings you and says that they are in trouble here is what you do:

1. Tell an adult you trust
2. Tell their parents in any kind of way if it is important! Even if they say don’t go against them to help them. They will be OK with it in the end.
3. If they are close to you go to them, with at least one other person(preferably an adult)


Hope my advice helps!

love you courtzbella xxxxx 💋


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